The Road for Mexican Doctora

Hi everyone I created this new Topic, cause I think this is the first step I must take in order to become a doctor in UK. I am Mexican, full time working General Practitioner since 2015 (graduated in 2014). I do have a lot of questions but if there is someone that could guide me, it would be really helpful. I saw a Vídeo in YouTube of the steps I must take in order to become a doctor in UK. @danym

  1. IELTS or OET
  2. PLAB 1
  3. PLAB 2
  4. Registration

Dany, if you could help me it would be wonderful. I think my first questions would be, what are the dates to presente the PLABs (that would give me time to plan and prepare my studying), is there a course and/or books You would recomendó to prepare for My PLABs?


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Sorry for the autocorrection by the way. My phone is still in Spanish

Hello Alvaro! :sparkles:

PLAB 1 seats are highly demanded and should be booked with considerable anticipation. You’ll have a lot of time to prepare for sure :wink:

It is offered in different countries, 4 times a year. The GMC will be releasing places for August and November 2023 soon, but the most important step right now is to pass IELTS or OET. You will not be able to book PLAB 1 without it.

Personally, I went for IELTS and used GEL IELTS prep to prepare for it. It is a free resource if you book the test with the British Council (check that out here). Also, make sure that you book the Academic version of the test. You’ll need to score 7.0 in each area and overall score of 7.5.

As for OET, you should book the medicine version of the test and get a ‘grade B’ in each area. You can check out their preparation portal and book the test here.

Hope this has been helpful, check out the following links with relevant information and keep me updated with your progress and doubts that might arise :sparkles:
RoadToUK - How to get registered with GMC
GMC - PLAB 1 dates
GMC - Evidence of your knowledge of English

Great! Thanks a lot. You are right, I think I will start to prepare for my IELTS. I think IELTS is better for me.

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Sorry, by the way, do you know what countries does the PLAB 1 are offered? I knew nothing about that.

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Yes, check out the GMC page here and have a look at the “Where can you take the exam” section. The closest venue to Mexico would be Toronto, Canada.

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Hi Dany, I have just booked my IELTS for February 23, 2023. I know it is a lot of time to prepare for the exam but it was the only suitable date for me. I booked with the British Council, how exactly do I get the free resources with the GEL IELTS?

Excellent! You’ll get an email confirming the completion of IELTS registration and acceptance of application after you’ve paid for the exam and uploaded an ID.

You should be able to access all preparation resources from the Test Taker Portal (which should also be linked in the email) :wink:

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Yes, thanks! I got the email and I am now preparing for the IELTS. It took 2 days to arrive at my email, so I was kind of worrying. I’ll take the IELTS in February and then i will come back to learn everythin about the PLAB 1.


Hi Dany, how are you? I just got my results of my IELTS exam. I am a little bit concerned for my results. I got an Overall of 8.0 :
Listening 8.5
Reading 8.5
Writing 6.5
Speaking 8.0

This means I should retake my IELTS exam?

I made the IELTS for UKVI Academic. I don’t know if there is any difference for just the IELTS Academic.

Hello Alvaro!

You can request a remark up to 6 weeks after getting your results, there’s a possibility your writing score may be changed with this. I’m unfamiliar with the price and overall process of remarking your IELTS score, so inquiring with your test center would be the best option :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a read here: IELTS - Request a remark

If they don’t change your score after remark, then yes, you’ll have to retake it unfortunately.
Best of luck! :sparkles:

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