UKFP 2023 Eligibility

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I’m an IMG at in an English speaking country writing my exit exam on the 8th of Aug and results get released 15th. Would it be possible or realistic to meet the 2023 UKFP eligibility application? Eligibility closes this July 2022 and I don’t know how to get my gmc online without my final exams. Would it be advisable to use the date I finished my rotation as my PMQ date? I won’t get my certificate till at least the end of August 2022.

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Firstly, the eligibility application period is from 6th July - 29th July. You don´t necessarily have to be a graduate before you can apply (all that you need is an estimated date of when you will qualify on the Deans Statement) and you don´t need a GMC online account yet for the eligibility application.

What you will require is proof of English Language and a filled Deans Statement.

You don´t need to provide proof of English language if :

  1. the entire primary medical qualification, including clinical activities, is being taught/was taught solely in English.
  2. all examinations undertaken during their primary medical qualification were solely in English.
  3. at least 75% of clinical interactions undertaken including personal contact with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals, were conducted in English i.e. without any translation support.
  4. Your medical school is not on GMC’s list of institutions from which it will not accept evidence of English proficiency.

If the answer to all of the stated criteria above is ¨Ýes¨, then you don’t need IELTS or OET. You just have to fill the deans’ statement and indicate this in it. But if there is a no, even to just one criteria, then you will need a proof of English ( ie. 7.5 in each section of IELTS or 400 in each module OET)

Please refer to these links below:


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