UKFY1 deans statement

Hi, I was applying for UKFY1 through the eligibility process. I sent it and was told it is ineligible. Could someone provide a sample dean’s statement so I know how to properly sign it and know where my university went wrong? On the oriel website, it stated that my deans letter has not been signed. However, I can clearly see it has been signed so I’m unsure what to do. Does there need to be a signature at the bottom as well. Is the date wrong e.g. my school wrote 2022.6.29 when it should be (day/month/year). I can send my deans statement if you want to have a look at the signature lol

Have you tried contacting UKFPO regarding this? Try sending an email to

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Hello Sir,
I might be wrong but a source stated that I’d need a reference letter from at least 1 professor in order to apply for FY1 or set up a GMC account in addition to a dean’s statement.
Might this be true?

I have never heard anything like that. What you need is all mentioned in the applicant guidance and the whole application is online. There is no way to submit anything else than what is asked for.

To open a GMC online account you need absolutely nothing but a valid email.