Visa application for EU graduates

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The whole visa application process is a real mystery for me. :joy: Are there any differences regarding visa process for EU graduates? What are the steps that need to be taken?
It’s something newly implemented and I haven’t found much information on this.
I’ve seen on different social media groups that it can take a really long time for everything to be put into place.
Thanks a lot! :hugs:


UK visa is a completely different ball game. It doesn’t matter where have you graduated from, it matters which countries passport you hold.

You can check here whether you need a visa.

  • If you do not need a visa to visit the UK, you won’t need it for taking PLAB or any exam. You can just come visit and take the exams.

  • If you do need a visa to visit the UK, the guidelines are the same from whichever corner of the world you travel to the UK. Maybe start reading from here - UK visa for PLAB: Online Visa application

Also remember that, you don’t have to travel to the UK from your home country. You can travel from the country where you have a right to live (e.g student visa etc.) as well. But you can’t visit to the UK from a country you are visiting in the first place.

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Oh, yes. We can stay 6 months tops in the UK without a visitor visa. But after we secure a job, we’ll still need to apply for a Health and Care Workers Visa. This step got me a bit worried. Can we lose a job offer if the visa process is taking too much time? And also, are we allowed to attend a clinical attachment within those 6 months? Thank you so much! :relaxed:

Yes, you will still need to apply for a health and care visa as most likely you will be working under the NHS.

No. It doesn’t work like that. The job offer that you get will also come with a certificate of sponsorship (CoS) for your work visa. The CoS has a validity period and you have to apply for the visa within that period. And almost never, these visas get denied - unless there are more extenuating circumstances.

If for some reason you are not ready to travel right away you can negotiate with the job to delay your appointment. Overall, nothing unexpected happens if you maintain clear communication.

Yes, you can do clinical attachments when you are just visiting. You don’t require to have a special visa for that.