Which of the following internship pathways are accepted by GMC

Hello dear Dr ibreez and Ibrahim I am in need of your kind advice urgently
I am about to start my internship and our university
has two kinds of internship the first one is focused
on surgical fields and another one on internal
medicine specialities. Both of them are 72weeks(18
months). I will take plab or maybe UKMLA and I
want you to tell me which one of them is accepted
in the UK.
Abdominal surgery= 12 weeks
Thoracic surgery=4 weeks
Urology=4 weeks
Neurosurgery=2 weeks
Orthopedics=4 weeks
Pediatrics surgery=4 weeks
Emergency surgery=12 weeks
Obs/gyn=4 weeks
Opthalmology=2 weeks
ENT=2 weeks
Infectious diseases=4weeks
Internal medicine= 12 weeks
Neurology and psychiatry=2 weeks
Medical imaging= 4 weeks

Internal medicine=24 weeks
Abdominal surgery=6 weeks
Thoracis surgery=2weeks
Urology=2 weeks
Neurosurgery=2 weeks
Emergency surgery=6 weeks
Obs/gyn=4 weeks
Opthalmology=2 weeks
Pediatrics=6 weeks
dermatology=4 weeks
Infectious diseases= 6 weeks
Neurology and psychiatry=4 weeks
Medical imaging=2 weeks
I will be glad to hear from you.I am confused between these two choices which one will be better for my future?



18 months of internship requieres 6 months of practice in both surgery and medicine each, branches and allied specialities of these two are accepted in order to fulfill that period of time.

For example, Obstetrics and Orthopaedics are taken as a surgical rotation. Similarly, Neurology and Pediatrics are taken as a medical one.

Therefore, for pathway #1 I believe you’d have a total of 5.5 months (inf diseases + int medicine + neurology and psychiatry + imaging) in medicine and #2 would have 6.5 months of surgery (ab surgery + thoracic + urology + neurosurgery + emergency surgery + obs/gyn + opthalmology + ent)

I think option #2 is more balanced and fulfills the criteria without problem :blush: