Why is GMC not recognizing Chinese graduates?

Hi, I am a Chinese graduate 2019 batch. Came back to home country, got my license to practice and now after so many years of preparation including OET, PLAB1 and PLAB2 the GMC is asking for eligibility letter from my university stating we are eligible to sit in license exam in China which is bonkers. Because foreign MBBS graduates are not allowed to sit NMLE in China. Why did GMC let us sit PLAB 1 and PLAB 2 when they knew we are from certain university in China already while making an account with them? We are some 400 graduates all around the world right now facing this problem and many more are already half way through their PLABs. We need GMC to see the situation.


Yes this has been a problem. But many have bypassed it by getting a letter from the Chinese universities stating that we are eligible to sit for the NMLE if we complete our internship. It’s still a very gray area. Have you tried contacting GMC to see exactly what document they need ?

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