Would Msc psychology boost your portfolio when applying for psychiatry

Heyy docs … . I’m on my plab journey and have recently completed my plab1 . I am planning to do a master’s in the uk. I am very much interested in taking psychiatry for my specialization. Would taking msc psychology benefit me when applying for core psychiatric training . Thank you

Any master’s degree would give you some points in training application.

But if you ask me whether it is worth pursuing that – in terms of money and time spent, if joining clinical work is your ultimate target? I’d be reluctant to agree.

The points for training can be easily obtained by doing other easier than committing to an M.Sc.

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What would you suggest sir, if we were to consider giving a Royal college exam to increase chances of getting a non-training job after PLAB. Is it a good idea? Does not doing so reduce chances of getting a job?
And does doing courses offered online by Yale, Johns Hpkins, etc. help?