Create a topic that everyone will read

A great topic is one that provides potential helpers with enough information to start helping you answer your question! But, before you go ahead and create a new topic, be sure to search for existing answers in the forum!

Use the search icon in the upper right of this website’s header.

To create a topic that everyone will read, follow these 4 simple steps:

1. Write a specific and concise title:

  • A good title: "GMC registration: What if I don’t want to take PLAB?"
  • A bad title: "I don’t know, help plzzz!!!"

2. Provide as much information and context as possible in the body of your post.

  • Explain what is that you really want to get answered. Give a bit of context and your thought process behind starting the topic.

3. Reference additional resources:

  • Include screenshots and URLs of the source if you are referencing something in your topic.

4. Follow the Community Guidelines

If you remember to do the steps above, we’re confident you’ll get accurate and fast responses to your questions!

Check here if you’re unsure how the forum works.

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