How the forum is organized

In our Road to UK forum, conversations are organized as follows:


You can think of each of these as:

  • Category: a broad subject matter.
  • Sub-Category: a more specific sub-section of that subject matter
  • Topic: a name for a conversation/query within that subject matter
  • Post: an individual entry in a topic or conversation. (when you write something in “reply”)

This piece of writing is filed under Getting Started (category) → How the forum is organized (topic) → Your reply under this topic (post).

We have sub-categories in some categories.

Tests & Exams (Category) → IELTS & OET (Sub-category) → Your question/query (topic) → Someone’s answer/reply (post)

To put it plainly, if you want to ask a question or teach about something in this forum create a new topic in the correct category! If you want to reply to the question (topic), reply under that topic, which becomes a post.

You can reply to others’ comments (posts) too.

It’s really important that you familiarise yourself with these terminologies so that things in the forum stay tidy and easy to find.