Criteria for Acceptable Primary Medical Qualification (PMQ)

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How do I check if my primary medical qualification is acceptable in the UK? Is it enough that a medical institution is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools, are there other considerations?


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I think that if your medical school is in the World Directory of Medical Schools it’s enough to get your primary medical qualification accepted. It means that the medical school checks all the GMC’s criteria.
Also, if you can’t find it on the World Directory of Medical Schools, there are some exceptions that GMC has.
I’ve found this link that maybe will help.


I have completed my mbbs in Philippines
I have my medical registration in Poland in the year 2020
I want to register with gmc
In EEA catagory
Can I register?

Hi @Doctor_prabhu!

Unfortunately not, as your primary medical qualification is from Philippines.

The alternative is to follow the PLAB route.

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I came across a post and i talk with the particular consultant
He mentioned Md( internal medicine )
Including gmc sponsorship
Course duration is 27 months
Fee is 60,000 pounds