GMC registration for graduates from China

Bro can u pls forward me the Template and my university are asking for it, we made our own template and my university has rejected that, can u pls give urs so that we may have a chance to get our certificate. It would be a great hep. Thankyou … my email I’d :

If its not too much trouble, can you send share the template you received from your university? I’m planning to apply for GMC registration too…

Bro I am graduating after 3 month. From China is it possible that I apply for ukfp fy1 without giving my national liscense exam . Because as I heared it’s must to get registered as a doctor somewhere then I can apply for ukfp and sir if I go through uk fy1 program then do I will need certificate of good standing from my own coutry for gmc registration ? Thanks for guidance sir

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Hi Rohan, I have also booked my IELTS Academic next month. If I manage to get 7.5 in all sub-sections then I will surely apply for UKFP. The only query I have is about the dean’s statement. Did you ask your university about this? I have applied for provisional degree and I did not mention anything about this foundation program to my university. Most of my batchmates are preparing for FMGE so I am not sure whom to ask. Once I get the desired IELTS score then I shall contact my university. I am just hoping that my university will cooperate when I ask them to do so.

Hello! No i haven’t contacted my university about the Deans Statement yet. I am waiting to get the required IELTS Score first. However i have told them that i wish to do my internship in UK and they gave the permission. And i’m also studying for FMGE just as a backup option.

@Steffi Yes please …If u can share here or please send on this … Thankyou so much .

Hello sir ,
Sir I am from India and did my graduation from china but as u already know we can’t go back there so is this possible if I go for my internship from 3rd country ? Will gmc accept this?
Thank u:)

Hello !
Apologies but i am not sure about this. As far as i know our internship from China or our home country is definitely accepted. I don’t know about any third country. I think it’s better to contact GMC and confirm it from them as it is a big step.


The UKFP provides a new template for the deans letter each year. You can use this template and request for a letter from your dean or someone incharge. But do remember to use the template for the respective year as the gmc would not accept previous year’s template. And they havent yet posted the template 2023 ukfp. Im guessing they’d be updating in May or June. Keep an eye out.

Please, can you email the template to me? Thank you in advance for your help.

Hello, Im new here.

I had a friend that graduated from china and did his internship in china (in his 6th year) and finished both plab 1 and 2. As he was planning to apply for his GMC registration earlier this January, the GMC said that they’re investigation team came across something about china (I’m not sure exactly what) but he was prevented from obtaining his GMC license registration unless he performs 1 year internship after graduating. He is now preparing for some exams that will allow him to get GMC registration and apply for FY1. I’m currently a 4th year in china and I’m quite concerned. Can someone shed some light on this matter.

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Hello,Can I have the template?? Please send on this
Thank you for your help.

I have been trying to get this issue fixed for some time now. Still couldn’t find a proper solution because my university is not giving this easily. Could you please send that template to it would be a huge favour. Thanks

Bro after doing 5 years of mbbs +1 year of internship in china can I apply directly for full gmc registration after passing both the level of plab without having registration of any country ?

hey!! i think you can but some times they ask for an “NMLE” Certificate from the university. I don’t have much idea about this as i will be completing the internship from my home country because internship from china is online right now. Its basically like your FMGE/NMC Registration for china.

Bro would gmc ask me for ,y eligibility in NMLE exam or they will ask me to clear NMLE first? Bro could you please suggest me whether should I go for this route to uk or not

Bro could you also tell me whether could I come for ukmla process after completing 5 years of mbbs or not and how difficult it is to get in as a international student ?

Personally, i will be clearing the FMGE exam and doing internship in India because clinical skills is important for the UK Route in general and i don’t think we can learn a lot during internship online and even if its offline there is a huge language barrier in china. As of NMLE i dont have any idea.

You can. First step would be to give IELTS/OET and getting the required band scores to become eligible for the pathway.

hello could you please forward me the Template and my university are asking for it , graduated from China. Thankyou … my email I’d :